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Responsibility and commitment to the environment.

Brazilian Pine and Eucalyptus wood products exported worldwide.

MG Timber

MGTimber Brazil is a sourcing and sales office established in Curitiba, Brazil, with 30 years of experience on international trade, primarily of Brazilian Pine and Eucalyptus wood products, exported on a regular basis to USA, Europe and Asia.

A reliable way for importers to develop a new overseas supply.

Differently than trading companies, MGTimber does not apply overprices. Instead, we help develop market/supply and put together direct orders between manufacturers x importers, in a best cost effective way for developing long term relationships and businesses within all parties.

Our successful history comes from a long term knowledge of wood products, combined with reliable relationships develop along years with both manufacturers and customers aligned with our philosophy of mutual responsibility and commitment to a sustainable long term business.

mg timber
MG Timber

Solid products

pine lumber
eucalyptus lumber
eucalyptus logs
apg boards
solid jambs
stair treads
MG Timber

Fingerjoint Products

edge glued panels
eucalyptus panels
products fingerjoint specialtyitems
finger joint boards
finger joint blanks
finger joint styles
flat jambs
laminated beams
products fingerjoint pictureframes
MG Timber

Our Services

Our mission is to source, offer and develop within both manufacturers and customers the most effective supply options for Pine and Eucalyptus wood products. Once we reach the right fit for a specific product that works for both manufacturer and customer, a new order is placed directly from customer to the mill through MGTimber, which will manage and follow the production process from the scratch, eliminating any technical questions that manufacturers may have, as well as any eventual concern on customers’s end. During the production process, site inspections take place and shipping updates are provided along with full set of shipping documentation after shipment.

MG Timber
MG Timber

We understand that updated and on time information is critical in today’s global business and, using our knowledge, we keep everyone informed in advance and ensure that orders are delivered as promised, in a timely manner, with the highest possible level of liability.

“As we are continuously looking for long term business, we really care about the future.

MGTimber Brazil is committed to an environmentally, socially and economically responsible management of wood products.
All our partnered mills comply with local social and environmental regulations, some with FSC or PEFC, and all of our wood products have its origin exclusively from Pine and Eucalyptus plantations.

MG Timber